About our Club

Charter members of The Rotary Club of Chatham

John Forbes Allan
Stewart Campbell
J. Lew Challinor
P.S. Coate                 DIRECTOR
H.E. Jack Foex
C.H.R. Harvey Fuller
S. Chester Glenn        SERGEANT AT ARMS
James Gray
William M. Gray         VICE PRESIDENT
William M. Guy
Fred Hall
A.E. Herman              TREASURER
Austin A. McLeish       SECRETARY
Jack Methvan
Rev. Arnot .S. Orton    DIRECTOR
Percy G. Piggott
W.G. Richards            DIRECTOR
James A. Ross
Neil Smith
S.J. Smitty Smith        50th year member (1970-71)
R.L. Stratton              PRESIDENT
C.D. Ted Sulman
Howard W. Taylor
William W. Turner
Fred J. Wood