About our Club

 Although founded in Harrison Hall, all of the early regular meetings took place in the Chamber of Commerce Building. In 1922, a funeral forced the club into the Gray-Dort Club Room where it met for the remainder of the '20s.
Following the purchase of the Gray Conference Hall by the Masonic Lodge, the club moved to the William Pitt Hotel (pictured above). Meeting were held here for the next 5 decades, until 1980 when the hotel was demolished.
From 1979 until 2008, the club met in the hall of Christ Church (Anglican). For 2 years meetings were held in the Tree Room of the Wheels Inn. In July 2010, changes to the Inn again forced a move.
From 2010 until 2016, the Rotary Club of Chatham met in the Rotary Lounge in the Chatham Capitol Theatre. 
From 2016 to present the club now meets at the Links of Kent.