Find out how Rotarians are using Pizza for Polio in 2020.

2020 Pizza for Polio

  Thank you for Fighting Polio
Once again Purveyors of Pizza in Chatham --
dished out support to Rotary's Campaign to eradicate (yes - Eradicate) the Polio Virus in our World. On the last Wednesday in October, these shops donated a portion of their income from sales to The Rotary Foundation, which in company with WHO and the Bill and Phyllis Gates Foundation, will continue to drive to the final goal of - not a single polio virus outside a level 4 laboratory. Click HERE for pictures.
Participating shops
Andy's Place         413 St. Clair        (519) 354-8888
Konstantino's        350 LaCroix St.   (519) 358-1112
Mike's Place          564 Queen St.     (519) 352-2251
Boston Pizza          780 St. Clair St.  (519) 351-1000
Pie-Zano's              10 Grand Av. W    (519) 43-PIZZA
Original 2 Pizzas    425 St. Clair St.   (519) 355-0050
Pizza Tonite           400 Queen St.     (519) 358-7500
Steve's Pizzeria     455 Grand Av E.  (519) 355-1700