Play Bingo With Us, Win and Help Your Community!

TV Bingo

How to Play

Get your Bingo Cards from any of the fine retailers show below and then tune into YourTV Channel 6 in Wallaceburg, Channel 11 in the rest of Chatham-Kent, HD Cable 700 or Cogeco Epico CH 100 for the Rotary Club of Chatham TV Bingo Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.


Adamson Guardian Drugs, 1 Talbot Rd W.
Mr Video & Convenience, 37 Queen St. S. 
Shoppers Drug Mart, 21 Chatham St. N.
GTXpress (Giant Tiger), 228 Chatham St. S. 
Blenheim Variety, 40 Talbot E. 
Mobil Gas Bar, SuperStore on St. Clair
Charlies Variety, 460 Park Ave E
Mighty Jim's Variety, 235 Grand Ave E
Shoppers Drug Mart, 410 Queen Street      
Lacroix Variety, 350 Lacroix St.
Richmond Convenience, Richmond & Lacroix  
Grand Convenience, 297 Grand Ave E
Giant Tiger, Thames-Lea Mall
Ken's Variety, Vanier and Grand E.  
Lucky 7 Variety, 393 McNaughton W.  
Daisy Mart, 455 Grand Ave. E. 
King's Variety, 50 King St. East 
CNIB Lottery Kiosk, Walmart on St. Clair
Ann's Convenience, 460 St. Clair 
Rexall Dug Store, 401 St. Clair St.      
Queen's Variety, 380 Queen St.
Ann's Tobacco Shop, 861 Queen St.
Madi's Milk & Convenience, 208 Margaret    
CNIB Kiosk at Walmart, 60 McNaughton Ave.    
Interested in selling Rotary TV Bingo Cards? Contact the office at 519-354-8300


  1. To purchase a card you must be 18 or older. If you win, ID is required.
  2. Each game is different; you must match the announced pattern in order to win.
  3. The game in play is only for the cards sold during the previous 6 days, and have a specific series Serial Number and colour which are announced before and during the game.
  4. Valid winners are those whose cards were completed by numbers both shown and verbally called on the air.
  5. You must phone 226-881-1918 printed on the cards and displayed on the screen and you have 10 minutes to do so.
  6. A game ends and a new game starts when a winner is verified. If you win you will be asked the number in the centre Free Square, the colour of the card, and the set Serial Number all of which must match our verifier's information.
  7. If you are a Winner, you will be asked to return the card and sign a receipt when you receive the cheque.
  8. In the case of multiple winners, prizes will be split evenly.
  9. Winners will be announced and available on
  10. Problem? Call 519-354-8300 the day after the broadcast. Please note that the decision of The Rotary Club of Chatham Service Fund will be final.


  • What's the top prize?
    • $1000!
  • I just won....yippee! Tell me again how can I get my cheque?
    • At 35 Thames Street in Chatham, WHEN our volunteer indicated. The Office is usually open 9:00-11:30 AM  on Wednesday and 9:00 -12 Noon on Thursday, but if our volunteer has to change that without notice, please try again. Remember to bring photo ID and YOUR WINNING CARD.
  • I would like to play on my phone or tablet. How can I do that?
    • Sorry, but that's not possible right now. The broadcast is on cable and isn't streamed in real time.
  • I'm colour blind. Can I be accommodated? .
    • The colour name is printed in text on the ticket.
  • I thought Charlies carried bingo cards?
    • Charlies on Park Avenue East, not the one on Keil.
  • My handy corner store doesn't carry bingo cards, what can I do?
    • Suggest that it would be good for their business and to give the Rotary Club of Chatham a call at 519-354-8300.
  • I don't have cable. How can I play?
    • Perhaps arrange a weekly TV Bingo get-together at a friend's home or residence! Bring your cards and snacks. Rotary TV Bingo can ONLY be played thru TVCogeco's Community TV cable broadcasts.
  • When I win, how do I get my money?
    • By cheque. You will be informed when you phone if you have to pick-up.
  •  I wanted to purchase at Shoppers but couldn't?
    • Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen St. in Chatham and in Blenheim are carrying, but no others.
  • My Mom has a grey card from a few weeks ago. Can she play it this week?
    • Sorry, no. There are 5 colours that rotate. Only the cards sold in the previous 6 days are valid - you can tell from the different, unique series number. The Vendor has the play date for each set of cards when you purchase.
  • What is a "Potential Winner"?
    • Our computer plays the game for all 9,000 card faces that were for sale. Numbers of those that are winners are displayed to our verifier but may not have been sold, they are "potential" until the buyer phones in. We pause on potentials when they appear to allow time for the first winning player.
  • A caller recently called the same number twice on the same game.
    • A ball was picked from the holding tray rather than the new ball dispenser. The ball in the dispenser was still available and was called next - it didn't go back into the mixer. The play of the game was not affected, but some people thought they had missed a ball. Sorry.
  • Who gets the sales $ after expenses?
    • The store owners keep a small percentage. The remainder is used by the Rotary Club of Chatham Service Fund (a registered Canadian charity) to fund projects, mostly to do with youth in Chatham-Kent. In the past, the Fund has assisted the new YMCA, funded an MRI machine purchase, Accessible Riders, Safety Village, Fergie Jenkins Field at Rotary Park, Junior Achievement, youth mental health as well as international projects dealing with health, clean water and education programs/computers for remote village schools. We have neither salaried staff or contractors, and Members who travel for projects pay their own expenses. YourTV provides the studio space and assistance as a community service

Riverview Bingo

Rotarians also raise funds by volunteering at Riverview Bingo. Our service to the community helped to raise enough money to donate 100 books to the Chatham Kent Public Library system, and we were also pleased to present a cheque to the Children's Treatment Centre for $20,000.