We celebrate our bingo winners from August 2021.
Our Latest Rotary TV Bingo Winners
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Winners from August 24/21
T-Game ($200)
   Marilyn Mugridge (Richmond Variety)
Around the Free ($300)
   Colette Blanchette (Mr. Video & Convenience - Tilbury)
   Mary Kay Kitchen ( King’s Variety)
X-Game ($200)
   Cora Ball (Giant Tiger - Chatham)
   Catherine Cedar (Walmart Gas Bar)
   James Brideau (Ann’s Variety)
   Doris Bedford (Giant Tiger - Chatham)
Full Card ($1000)
   Debbi Calquhoun (Lacroix Variety)
Winners from August 31/21
T-Game ($200)
   Paul Chauvin (Mighty Jim’s)
Around the Free ($300)
   Bev Hamilton (Ken’s Variety)
X-Game ($200)
   Don Parker (Richmond Variety)
Full Card ($1000)
   Cheyenne Carey (Giant Tiger)
   Warren Flint (Ann’s Convenience
   Annie Brideau (Mighty Jim’s Variety)